I was delighted to read that Jennifer Dougherty will run for mayor as a Democrat. I know Jennifer as a good businesswoman and also someone sensitive to helping others.  ... I hope Frederick voters will recognize Jennifer Dougherty’s skills and expertise and make her our next mayor.
— Mary Bowman-Kruhm
I wasn’t expecting February to be so perfect weather wise but I wanted to get the ball roll logistically,” she said. “...I’ve never lost my passion for city issues and city hall. I just think we have so much untapped potential and no one is really pushing the issues that are important in terms of managing the city.
— Jennifer Doughterty

Dougherty, O'Connor for Mayor

The Frederick Extra.  February 24, 2017.  By Gina Gallucci-White

Downtown business owner, former mayor becomes second 2017 mayoral candidate

Frederick News Post.  February 22, 2017. By Mallory Panuska

Pleased to learn Dougherty will run for mayor

Frederick News Post.  February 26, 2017.  By Mary Bowman-Kruhm, Frederick

Host Colin McGuire, a News-Post columnist, and city reporter Mallory Panuska sat down with Jennifer Dougherty to discuss everything from politics and procedure, to online backlash and her signature Irish outfit.

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