I believe my love of Frederick is a lot like yours.  We have captured the American dream in a bottle. We live in quintessential “small-town” U.S.A with the benefits of a bigger city. 

We live in a place where walking along the Creek, to the Square Corner or even standing in line at the grocery store is special. We live in a city others love to visit.  

But our dream needs real leadership (and a little elbow grease) to remain our reality.

Right now, we face some challenges – and despite what some people might think or say  – I am running for mayor.  I will run as often as it takes to address what has been ignored by City Hall for the past 12 years.  

Our Frederick is important. We need to be making decisions and taking actions for our future, today.  

Support me, Jennifer Dougherty for Mayor in the Democratic primary on September 12, 2017.

I will tell you the truth and deal with the challenges on the table. 


“I will keep running until we have leadership that gets things done for Frederick.”

Jennifer knows that every vote counts.  If you are not a registered Democrat, you cannot vote for her on September 12th...that might be the most important voting in this election.  Jennifer welcomes all voters - Republicans, Unaffiliated, Independents, Greens AND Democrats.  If elected, Jennifer wants to expand voting but she cannot do it unless she wins!  Please consider making your vote as a Democrat in this year's City election - Deadline to register, August 7, 2017.