Thank you seems inadequate, but thank you!
My friends, your passion for Frederick is what drives my passion for Frederick.

It is impossible to run a campaign on the energy of one person, your spirit lifted me up every day. You gave me support like no other candidate received – from pop-ups, door-knocking, sign-waving, and, most important, wonderful ideas that would lift Frederick to a new level.

You helped me hand-deliver about 9,500 door flyers, plant almost 300 yard signs and share enough Facebook videos to fill your “Jennifer Library” for life! When you heard disparaging comments, you countered with the obvious, “…maybe, but she got things done!”

Believe it or believe it not, most observers saw our work and energy and were sure of our win on Tuesday. I was pretty sure too. We believe in a better Frederick and I hope we keep pushing for great things.

Today, we are not sad for the votes not won — we are proud of the passion in our fight, we are proud of the ideas we placed into the debate, and we know there is victory in effort.

We tell our kids, “Never give up!” I won’t give up on Frederick and I know you won’t either. The November election pairs a few seasoned politicians. Randy has had 8 years to serve, that’s enough. My support of Michael is genuine…if not me, he is the one who should have a chance to lead our City.

So, thank you and I will see you soon.
I Still Believe!

I still believe in the American Dream. I believe that we are supposed to work hard and make things better for the next generation.

I believe we are supposed to make our businesses more than just places where money changes hands.

And, I believe that we have a role to play our role in making the dream come true.

Some of us, choose to run for office.

Others choose to be active citizens — to be interested and informed.

What people are telling me is they want LEADERS who listen to what they think is important and work to make it happen. In Frederick, it means:

• To create SAFE COMMUNITIES – making sure the police department has the people, tools and training to deliver true community policing where every resident is respected.

• To grow a HEALTHY ECONOMY - where a diverse economy thrives by creating the opportunity for existing businesses to expand with a well-trained, well – educated work force and for new businesses to find a home on a level playing field.

• To have a city government that is FAIR, TRANSPARENT and RESPONSIVE…

o a government that listens to its residents on tax differential, housing and, yes, – even bulk trash.

o To have a city government that:
hires the best people who reflect our community,
expects the best in services and creativity,
demands the best of our workers because that’s what you would do.

Unlike some who run for office, you can see my record…measure it. I am proud of my successes and learned from my setbacks.

I am not an urban legend, I am person who stands up – ready, willing and able to do the work you demand. A person able to THINK BIG…and not ignore the small stuff.

Elections are about choices…
Change? More of the same? Something untested?

No one will work harder for you, so I ask for your vote in EARLY VOTING this week on the 25th and 26th at the Senior Center on Taney Avenue


Thank you,
The signs are in!  Come pick them up at Magoos ( 1 W 2nd St, Frederick, MD 21701 )  Or email Jennifer

The signs are in!  Come pick them up at Magoos ( 1 W 2nd St, Frederick, MD 21701 )  Or email Jennifer

“I will keep running until we have leadership that gets things done for Frederick.”